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90-Day Temp-to-Perm Conversion

In the initial 90-days and 520 billable hours of our candidateís employment with you, the candidate will be on the payroll of BEST TEMPS, hence the following responsibilities will belong to BEST TEMPS:

1. Benefit Expense
2. Social Security Taxes
3. State Unemployment Tax
4. Federal Unemployment Tax
5. Workmenís Compensation Expense
6. Timekeeping & Payroll Expense
7. Advertising Expense

These responsibilities, when added up, could range anywhere from 50-55%. We will work with you and your specific needs to save you money. Another area of interest to your company is our interviewing process. With the present economic conditions, there is no doubt that you will receive a more than favorable response from your help wanted ad. What might not be so favorable will be the weeding process. We only send you the ultimately qualified candidates for you to interview. Isnít your time valuable?

During the 90 days you will pay a premium on top of our candidateís hourly wage. At the end of the 90 day, 520 billable hour period, there is no fee to you for taking the candidate perm. There is no obligation to keep a BEST TEMPS employee if you are not happy with their performance during or after the 90-day probationary period. One added bonus with the 90-day conversion is our guarantee. If at the end of our candidates first day, he/she isnít fulfilling your needs there is absolutely no charge to you.

If you are accustomed to working with agencies and incurring the standard 1% per thousand fee, BEST TEMPS 90-day temp-to-perm conversion will afford you a 50-70% savings.

Gross Margin

At BEST TEMPS we offer a third alternative to the temp to perm conversion of permanent placement fee approach to direct hire. It's called the "GROSS MARGIN FEE"

Permanent placement fees, paid directly to an agency are usually 30% of the applicant's 1st year income. The problem is, if for any reason the employee is no longer employed, there is a loss of investment.

Situations require a candidate be hired immediately directly on the client payroll leaving temp to perm not an option. Best Temps solution is to create a term, pay as you go, hourly fee program paid for over a 13-week period. "The gross margin fee", if for any reason the employ leaves you DO NOT PAY FOR THE WEEKS THAT THE EMPLOYEE DID NOT WORK.

This offers protection to your organization and helps to keep everyone happy while realizing the cost savings of temp to perm conversion. Whit a Gross Margin the Applicant is on your payroll, (your employee) day one.

Placement Policy

If a Best Temps applicant that is introduced to a client company, who ultimately is offered employment directly onto our client company's payroll, a direct placement fee is due at Best Temps. Our policy is one percent (1%) per thousand dollars of the applicant's first year salary with a 25% cap.

Example: Candidate offered $35,000; fee charged of 25% of $35,000 or $8,750.

About Us

Best Temps began in 1996 when founder Robert Rosa opened the 1st licensees office (Photos Temps Inc., d/b/a/ Best Temps, Richard Photos president) in Monroe Connecticut. Offering full service seamless staffing perm, temp to perm and temporary employment placements to the technical, clerical, manufacturing, light industrial, engineering and IT markets. Since then Best Temps has grown to be Connecticutís premiere staffing service with multiple offices throughout Connecticut. Best Temps provides first rate staffing solutions for thousands of companies, large and small. Rooted in a reputation for quality, Best Temps has emerged as Connecticutís innovative industry leader. Our "seamless customer service approach" of "Blanket coverage" creates a winning employment experience for employees and employers alike. On/off site dedicated account reps, multi-location coordination, recruiting, screening, testing, employee orientation, online client/employee search, reflect our emphasis on technical innovation and quality. Our time tested program adds up to an experience that exceeds expectations.

If you have further questions or comments, please feel free to write us at: info@besttemps.com